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The Imagicrew are made of something a little bit special. Each of our volunteers are well seasoned festival veterans, with a passion to get up, get down and get involved. Either let us get a crew together that will suit your event or hand pick the photographers you like the look of.

Let me introduce….



Age : 29Andre Imagicool Boomtown pipe

Day Job : Mental health nurse & Founder of Imagicool

Favourite festival: I love them all, but first love is the greatest and there aren’t many places in the world you can dance about surrounded by man made rainbows so…Rainbow Serpent (Melbourne).

Why Imagicool : I want to do great things with my life, and right now, I cant think of anything greater than this.

Funny fact : I slept on the streets for a few nights in exchange for a £10 flight to Australia.


Age: 21

Day Job: Assistant Manager/Publican

Favourite festival: Boomtown

Why Imagicool: Because I love photography, its a great way to broaden my hobby and meet new people and it is also helping to further the home schooling education system, its a unique and diverse business that I’m excited to be a part of.

Funny fact: I can quote ‘Finding Nemo’ from start to finish.

In 3 words: Happy, placid, passionate.


Age: 24

Day Job: Accounts assistant + yoga teacher

Favourite festival: Boomtown , it is just so magical and pretty crazy. We have such a large boomtown family its impossible not to love it.

Why Imagicool: I have been involved in Imagicool from the beginning. I love seeing how much joy these wonderful memories bring to people. I also always take some Imagicool memories with me whenever I am away from my loved ones.

Funny fact:  I cant help picking up accents, this month I’ve developed an Indian twang!

In 3 words: Yoga, Love, Grounding.


Age: 28

Day Job: CNC machinist

Favourite festival: Outlook. (Sucker for a sound system)

Why Imagicool: It new, it’s exciting  and most importantly, why wouldn’t I ?!?!

Funny fact: I’m scared of cottonwool

  In 3 words: Late, drawing, music



Day job:Teaching assistant

Favourite festival:Secret garden party because that’s when I became friends with some of the most wonderful people in the world 😉.

Why Imagicool :Would love to be part of something thats different and creative at festivals and what better way to be working with people I know. Imagicool is such a nice keepsake for any festival goer. Also would like to gain experience of working at a festival.

Funny fact: I am slightly obsessed by cat-suits

In 3 words: Bubbly, Silly , Approachable



Age: 29

Day job: Buyer for a groundworks company

Favourite festival: Bestival

Why Imagicool: I would like to be a part of Imagicool as this is a business started by one of my oldest and dearest friends Andre and would love to support him in his venture, also it’s a great way to meet people from all different walks of life. Plus I would get to go to festivals with all my friends and have a great time!!!

Funny fact: Secret celebrity stalker – I know far too much about famous people and their lives!!!

In 3 words: Scatty, loud, hair


Age: 35Pete Bennet Imagicool 3

Favourite festival: Secret Garden Party

Why Imagicool: I love taking pictures and I like to see money going to good causes, its a no-brainer.

Funny fact: I was once hospitalised after completing a chilli burger eating challenge, hot stuff !!!

In 3 words: Courageous, open minded, enthusiastic.





Favourite festival:

Why Imagicool:

Funny fact:

In 3 words:





Age:  24

Day Job: Head Barista, Care worker and full time Sparkle Goddess.

Favourite Festival: Outlook Festival. ( You’ll see why in a minute).

Why Imagicool: Its a fun way to interact with my friends and promote awareness for some great organizations and spread love to many. x.

Funny Fact: I got married at outlook, naked on the beach, to the peachiest man in the universe.

In 3 words: Sparkly.  Loving.  Cuddly.



Age: 32

Favourite festival: Haven’t been to a bad one yet!

Why Imagicool: I like taking pictures and making people smile

Funny fact: I was recently on TV in my pants

In 3 words: Passionate ,Caring, Kind




Last but certainly not least I’m pleased to introduce Tom. He has been supporting us through the early stages of developing this project and his knowledge and expertise in the fields of both photography and business development have proved invaluable. If you have any interest in photography, check out Clickasnap.com .


Age: 35

Day Job: Problem solver, Founder of ClickASnapTom Imagicool profile

Favourite festival: I’ve never actually been to one!

Why Imagicool? I love photography, passionately. As a founder of multiple start-ups in many sectors (including the worlds largest paid per view photo hosting platform Clickasnap.com) I believe Andre has a great vision for Imagicool and has put together a great team. I like to be part of it to watch it develop and be a small part of its success.

Funny Fact: I built a 2.5 Ton hydraulic crane at 15 and left a teachers car hanging off it until I was threatened with being expelled!

In 3 words: Tech, geek, nuts