How we can help ……..


No matter what services you choose, the imagicool team will bring an added sparkle to your event, we can fit into any theme and make sure we encourage everyone we meet to get into full party spirit.

The Picture :-  Fundamentally instant print photos are the most important part, but how they get into the hands of your festival goers is up to you. Either let us mingle in the crowd and take donations in exchange for photos, or hire us as an art installation and provide your guests with a freebie to take home.

The Frame :- With a simple card frame, each picture becomes a display piece, which in turn provides you with a great advertising opportunity. At your request we can design a card that follows the theme of the event and have the name, website, or any other details you fancy sitting pride of place on the front. That way, every time the photo gets shown, it becomes a promotional masterpiece. Unlike other more disposable advertising, this will be treasured, specifically by your target audience, for years to come.

An added surprise :- This year we are going to attach GoPro recording devices to the bottom of each of our cameras, and will be filming the build up, photo , and reactions of the people we meet. When we are giving them the photo we will offer them a link to the site where they can relive the moment. We are happy to offer this footage back to the festival as part of any future promotions, a little like our own promotional video.

Other services :-  We noticed last year that a common theme from people we met was asking if we were selling programmes/guides. We were not, but we are happy to. This could be a great opportunity to boost sales and save hours of festival queues.