The ethos of raising money through imagicool is not an entirely selfless act. The whole project started as an idea to create funds for a 6 week course , initially, for home educated children, and if successful to offer the programme to a wider audience. As a mental health nurse I have worked with young people in hospital settings, I am also a father. No matter which perspective I am talking from ,  I feel that we owe the children of the next generation a more informed and holistic education.


I am an advocate for healthy eating, exercise, positive communication and social skills as well as teaching children to think outside the box when considering their futures. The course will offer vegan cooking , yoga, lessons in communication, as well as considering environmental issues. The children will be encouraged to create arts and crafts using  recycled, up-cycled and natural products that we will collect over the course. We will then take the kids to a local event and encourage them to sell their creations. At the end , the children will have to the opportunity to work together to decide which charity they feel deserve their  donation. Too many invaluable skills learnt to try and mention here, but in short,  that’s the plan.  This has however been put on hold whilst I get this fundraising project in motion. So to make sure that the ethos remains one of supporting the local community, we have decided to give all profits from this year as donations to local community interest projects.


We are excited to be promote Urban Yogi’s as our first beneficiary. This project takes origin from a New York based organisation that brings Yoga classes to disadvantaged young people, and in time supporting those interested,  themselves to become Urban Yogi trainers. The first course of of the project is soon to role out across Bournemouth in Dorset, however it is understood that the intention is to role the programme out further afield over time. It is a great cause and we really believe in the work these guys will be doing. If you want to find out more about other ways you could help support this project then please get in touch our contacts and bookings page.



Following a successful years trials we are confident that we can raise significant funds this year and will be able to donate to more projects. We are also looking for applications at this time to get a share of the funding. If there are any local projects that are reading this or if you know of a worthy cause that matches our ethos then please get in touch and we will be delighted to offer whatever support we can.


2017 Update;    As a result of a successful season imagicool have been able to donate a cheque for £1048 to the Urban Yogis Uk project. They are incredibly grateful for the support, so a big thank you to you if you’ve been involved in supporting us to support them. We’ll get an update from them soon to let us know exactly what good work they are doing with the donation.  Pictures to follow ……