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In the summer of 2016 , whilst basking in the glory of the British festival season, an idea was born. By the end of the season it had started to come to life. IMAGICOOL, an organisation that aims to leave memories on film and smiles on faces. An instant photograph service that ensures memento’s of everyone’s favorite festivals are displayed on bedroom walls, fridges, mantle pieces and memory boxes of thousands of people for years to come.

And the best bit…… In doing so we can raise funds for local projects and community interest groups such as Urban Yogi’s. The bigger this seed grows, the more and more people can benefit from our support in the future.

2017 – Update ; The imagicool crew set out for our first full festival. We had the privilege of attending events across the UK, from Bestival to On The Bus, Blissfields to Balter, and that’s just the B’s!! Too many others to mention here, but what we can say is that we took so many pictures and left countless memories with all the festival folk we met.

 Thanks to a successful season we were able to donate a cheque for over £1000 to the Urban Yogis UK.

With another year just around the corner we are getting fully prepared to come back with a flash and a bang. Some new staff, new equipment, new designs and big ideas are going to make sure we put our stamp on the UK festival circuit, on this our second full season.

Come on in, meet the team, browse the gallery, learn what we do and if we can help you, or you can help us then be sure to get in touch.


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Andre and van

A special thanks from our founder…….

If you’re reading this then thank you for checking us out.

This project means the world to me, I am so grateful to all

of those who have supported us so far, and cant wait to see

what 2017 will bring.